blog chalnge #6

wiled fires are and can be started easy. it can be caused by a person or it self. if you are not prapared your house can be burned easy. wiled fires are a random or a onpurpus thing that happen and distroy animal habetats and can kill animals and people

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I`m in the Mohave Desert excavating for metamorphic rocks. I just found a black and white metamorphic rock. It must have been formed 10 or 20 years ago. They are formed by pressure pushing it with heat. I wonder if it was a igneous or sedimentary rock. I`d say it was a sedimentary rock Because of how it looks. I went back to camp to look at how a sedimentary rock formed. It says they are formed by layers of eroded sediment fall on each other and squished agenst each other. But probably before that it was an igneous rock. So now I will look up how a igneous rock was formed. It says it is formed by a rock melting then cooling. I wonder how long did it take to form this rock. It also says that there is a rock cycle of 3 main types of rocks. There is also an order of how my rock was formed. The stages that it went through. The first one is igneous it was melted then cooled. The second stage is sedimentary where lairs where shushed together to form a rock. The third step is metamorphic it is made by being squeezed with heat and presser.